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There are absolutely controversial opinions about female friendship in the world. No grey zone.
Some people believe that female friendship does not exist. Furthermore they traditionally consider it to be inferior to the friendship between men. They assume that female friendship is built on selfishness and jealousness, characterizing it as parasitic and competitive, toxic and destructive.

They are comparing it with the parable about the turtle and venomous snake friendship. The message of the parable was how the turtle helped the venomous snake which couldn’t swim to get to the other side of the lake, and during  the trip, the snake was thinking – if I bite the turtle she will drop me, and the turtle was thinking if I drop the snake he will bite me. With this example, and many similar ones, they are insisting that female friendship is just a “show” of support and care, but it is only superficial and fake.

Other people have a strong belief that female friendship definitely exists and it’s a very important social need of every woman. They also interpret this friendship as a term which describes a complex of feelings which is beyond the sexes. Physiologists  tend to believe that women share a special bond with their friends and that in this relationships giving is equally satisfying with getting. Louse Bernikow assumed that female friendship is the relationship in which women help each other belong to themselves.

Personally, I belong to the second group, and I have great evidence – my friends! They are always here, near by, even if there are continents between us.

Friendship with my girls is the space where no place exists for judgment and hidden interest, only encouragement, an endless ocean of loyalty and trust, as well as mutual support. It is helping us, women, to get over our problems and insecurities. For me it is vital to see them, to laugh with them, to chat with them, to hug them and share all my fears. And this list is endless.

I’m absolutely convinced that my friends are my soul mates, that our intuition and sixth sense is leading us to this relationship and that meeting them was our destiny, written in the chancery of a Higher Power.

Νανά Συμεωνίδου 

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