It’s about time that we destroy those stereotypes that want all of us skinny like Barbie dolls, completely perfect without a single specimen of cellulite. Who told you that the Mediterranean women don’t  have cellulite? Don’t forget that Photoshop is always there to hide all of the things we don’t like.

The years pass by so fast, and of course chubby girls still lead the way for the others. It’s time to stop the racism between both genders and give an end to this madness where people use words like “I can’t date him, he’s fat” or “look at her, she has cellulite everywhere”. The worst thing is that sometimes people have the audacity to say these things into your face.

Chubby people like YOU and ME, have a soul, and a heart, and feelings, and there’s nothing worse than making fun of someone because of their extra weight or their stretch marks.

They have some extra weight, so what? They like food just like ME and YOU but it happens that some people tend to take care of their nutrition and exercise more than others, or sometimes it’s their genes that help them metabolize their food faster than others. I’m not saying that having extra weight is healthy, but respect comes from the inside, and our principles are things they teach us at home.

Beauty comes from the inside, too and I really like chubby people because they usually have a lot of self-confidence and make better relationships with people who truly love them. And yes, I have seen a chubby girl belly-dancing a lot  better than me, and I truly admire her for that.

As I have said before, making fun of someone into their face is the lowest point that you can reach just like making fun of someone using social media. We forgot how to be humans, but just think of something. If you make fun of someone there’s one thing  for sure. It will fire back to you, eventually.

Sometimes making fun of someone shows a little bit of admiration for them, and it’s proof that there’s nothing better for you to do in your life since it’s obviously  not interesting at all.

Men with a little bit of  belly fat and curvy women have proved all of the stereotypes wrong, and they are usually a lot more sexy than some people with abs or a really skinny person.

Chubby women,and men of the entire world, unite, don’t listen to what they say. Eat, drink, and enjoy your lives.

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