From the age of 18 I had the constant need of escaping from all the things that cause me pain. And I didn’t just want to leave and go to another town. It had to be a place by the sea. The sea is my medicine, it never judges you by your mistakes, it only listens and once in a while you get some kind of answer.

Sea always puts up with me, and my nagging and my mistakes. Sea always accepts my tears, and I listen to it talking back to me, sometimes with its calmness and sometimes with its angry waves.

I complained a lot near the sea, about the people I lost, the ex I broke up with, about my madness when I was younger.

I love the sea, especially in the winter. Mostly because we get to be just the two of us, and I can look myself into its waters and hear it talking back to me saying “Why aren’t you laughing anymore? “

And here I am again, alone with the sea. Its calmness makes me feel calm too, there’s a status of peace inside me even if I feel completely tense when I am in the big city.

Remember to smile and go back to those places that make you feel happy!


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