happy birthday

I’m generally the type of person, that won’t wish «happy birthday» to people I used to love. Even if I randomly see them on the street, I will ignore them.

The years go by though and I feel like, enough with the hard feelings. For example, it was by ex boyfriend’s birthday and I was telling a friend of mine that «oh God, it’s his birthday». Her response was something like «Happy Birthday to him. Will you text him». That was a moment that got me frozen, but I said, «Yes, I will».

It was 12 at night when I texted him «Happy Birthday, wish you the best. I widh you a healthy, happy life full of smiles!». I was surprised with what I sent, cause normally I don’t sent at all, or I say a meaningless «Happy Birthday». I run to my friend that night and told her what I did.

She told me that, this was the most beautiful wish I could tell to an ex. I fooled around with her by telling her that I should text him «Hope you die». She called me a goddess.

To tell you the truth, by sending him a good wish with zero wickdness, I felt good with myself. I felt less heavy for my heart and somehow I was redeemed for the qualms I was feeling all this time.

He replied to me in the best way an ex could ever reply. I explained the things I wanted for a long time, now and we wished each other a good night.

The result? I stareted crying, but not because I miss my ex, just because after all these years I said something good to an ex of mine and felt proud about myself.

Happy Birthday to the ex boyfriend and every ex boyfriend whose birthday’s on.

Feels good to be «mean», but sometimes saying a good word makes us feel better.

And maybe if our ex boyfriends hear a good word from us, it will make them feel better and soft their anger, even if that doesn’t mean we’re getting back together.

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