Happy Birthday…Mr Ex!!!

I’m generally the type of person, that won’t wish «happy birthday» to people I used to love. Even if I randomly see them on the street, I will ignore them. The years go by though and I feel like, enough with the hard feelings. For example, it was by ex boyfriend’s birthday and I was … Continue Reading

The peace inside your soul always comes from within

From the age of 18 I had the constant need of escaping from all the things that cause me pain. And I didn’t just want to leave and go to another town. It had to be a place by the sea. The sea is my medicine, it never judges you by your mistakes, it only … Continue Reading

Chubby people of the world, unite!

It’s about time that we destroy those stereotypes that want all of us skinny like Barbie dolls, completely perfect without a single specimen of cellulite. Who told you that the Mediterranean women don’t  have cellulite? Don’t forget that Photoshop is always there to hide all of the things we don’t like.

Heartbreak? You can overcome it.

It is a common situation something that begins beautifully and nicely to end painfully. That’s why if we look back at the story of our lives, we often remember long and full of tears phone conversations with our best friend who tries to comfort us after a break up. But why is it so difficult … Continue Reading

Women Friendship Exists

You choose the punctuation mark and the answer! There are absolutely controversial opinions about female friendship in the world. No grey zone. Some people believe that female friendship does not exist. Furthermore they traditionally consider it to be inferior to the friendship between men. They assume that female friendship is built on selfishness and jealousness, … Continue Reading